Power Pay Your Debts

How quickly could you be debt free and having more flow in your cash flow?  Power Pay is an online webtool designed to help you eliminate debt faster by making power payments.  What is a power payment you ask?  A power payment is a combined payment allowing you to pay extra on the most costly debts.  As soon as one debt pays off, you apply that payment to the next debt.  That is a power payment!

As debt is eliminated, saving and investing are possible to help you advance your financial goals, so you can move from being a power payer to a power saver!  Using the power pay tool you can know exactly when your debt will pay off and when the savings can begin!

In addition when you visit the power pay website, you will have access to a number of calculators including a calculator that show the percentage of take-home pay that goes to pay for housing costs.  I am house poor if my total housing costs are greater than 35%. 

Other calculators include:
  • Are your transportation costs driving ou into the "poor house"
  • How much home loan can I qualify for
  • How long will it take to pay off debt with an extra payment
  • How much emergency fund should I have

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