Vacation for Less with the Summer Vacation Planning Guide

Many of you Bank On participants have heard about Virginia Saves and have even made a commitment to savings but did you know that Virginia Saves is on a mission to help you enjoy life to the fullest and still stay on track with your savings goals for the future?

Virginia Saves Summer Vacation Planning Guide can help you to:

  1. Enjoy a fun filled vacation that creates a lasting memory without busting the bank
  2. Plan for the vacation of your dreams without havings to rob Peter!
  3. Find creative ways for making fun at home and away this summer.

Vacation can be one of those budget busters that throw us off our best laid cash management plans.  Without a sound plan to pay for vacation costs, you can find yourself farther behind in your financial plan than when you started, but with a little planning you can enjoy summertime fun and still have money for your other monthly expenses.  The Vacation Planning Guide offers worksheets to help you break down vacation costs and engage the entire family in planning for the big event. 

You may find that planning your big get away can be almost as fun as the destination when the whole family is involved!

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