August Announcements

August Classes: During the month of August we have the following classes: 1st Wed: Library – Crisis Mode 1st Tuesday 8/7: Enoch – Pay Yourself First Last Tues 8/28: Seatack – Pay Yourself First 9/5/12 Library – Money Management

Other Classes: See the attached flyer for a Foreclosure Prevention Class offered by the UpCenter on August 25th. Also Virginia Housing Development Authority offers free First Time Homebuyer classes every month. Visit and click on “homebuyers”.

Looking for a Coach?: Participants who have a coach are able to make their financial goals faster. Coaches keep you strategically focused and motivated to implement your financial plans. One of the key benefits of Bank On is getting a financial partner who is on your side to help you navigate through the maze of financial complexities. Don’t miss your opportunity to benefit from coaching.

Block Coaching: August 18th and 25th from 9:00 am - 10:00 am at Enoch Baptist Church.

You must RSVP for these coaching sessions to If there are no RSVPs sessions will be cancelled to honor the volunteer coaches time.

Bank on Partners: Don’t overlook the benefit of using our Bank On Financial Institutions for your coaching needs. Having a strong financial partner relationship can really make a difference. Having a savings account with one of the Bank On Financial Institutions can help you to build your savings in a location where you are not tempted to access your nest egg.

Community Coaches: if you still need a coach to work with you, there are a limited number of community coaches to assist. Contact

Midterm Survey Results: WOW! You Bank On participants are doing some wonderful work! Congratulations. Attached is a report from the recent Bank On midterm survey where we asked how you were doing. Thanks for your participation!

New Classes Forming: We are currently organizing classes to begin in November and after. Classes are being scheduled for the Lake Edward, Seatack and Municipal Center areas of Virginia Beach. New classes are a great way to pay it forward and to keep the momentum you have started in reorganizing your financial life fresh. If you have missed a few sessions, new classes can help you round out any missing classes so that you can qualify for the matched savings incentives. If you want to help staff a class or have a friend or coworker who would like to attend Bank On, please share this information with those you know. New Employee Classes will begin in January at Building 14 and DHS.

Financial Planning Day: Mark your calendars to attend Financial Planning Day on October 27. You can register to attend this free event online at We are excited to announce that Kelvin Boston of PBS’ MoneyWise series will be our keynote speaker for the day. Financial Planning Day is a day when Certified Financial Planners offer their financial advice for free as a pro bono outreach to the community. Participants in Financial Planning Day can meet one on one with a Financial Planner, can attend workshops, obtain a wealth of free financial resources, and get their annual credit report or evaluate their retirement savings.

Bank On Graduation Register Here: We will be graduating our first Bank On Class at Financial Planning Day on October 27th. Come and be recognized for your hard work. Instructors, coaches, and City staff will be present to recognize your hard work.

Using the Passport: There is a checklist at the back of the passport for all the activities that are required for the financial fitness challenge. Separate from Bank On graduation, participants can submit their passport for recognition in the Mayor’s program. I hope you will take this challenge and become recognized by Mayor Sessoms for your Financial Fitness. At the front of the passport is the Starting Position where the participant documented where you started from and at the end is the ending position. These two benchmarks will demonstrate the progress you have made over the course of the challenge. All information is maintained confidential and will not be shared. Reports on the Mayor’s Action Challenge will be aggregated as a whole to report the effectiveness of the program.

Worksheets and other Materials: Bank On’s Blog has a wealth of materials and information for you. Worksheets, tools and tips can be found on the Resources tab at this website: There is a calendar of events and all the sign up forms etc that are used with the program. No passwords required. Easy access for materials.

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