Finding Your Coach

New to Bank On Virginia Beach and looking for your coach to work with you?

Look no farther than our list of participating banks and credit unions in the links on the right hand side of this blog.  These participating locations have offered staff to help you complete your financial makeover one step at a time. 

If your bank or credit union is not listed, here is an idea.  While we don't want to sever your relationship with your existing bank, we would encourage you to establish your emergency savings account with one of the financial institutions listed.  This allows you to have your money in a safe location where there is not so great a temptation to use it for monthly expenses. 

Additionally, some of the churches will be offering faith-based coaching and we will be listing the dates for those sessions in the future. 

If you are unable to locate a coach please contact the Financial Empowerment Office at  We will help you find a coach to work with you.