Matched Savings Requirements

Our partners the Interfaith Alliance at the Beach are so passionate about helping families establish emergency savings to keep them from relying on payday lending that they have been fundraising for our participants to encourage them to establish an emergency fund for the unexpected expenses. 

They have asked that only those people who are committed to going the extra mile for their financial makeover be considered.  This means that participants would need to go beyond the minimum requirements for Bank On Classes:

1. attend EVERY class.
2. Additionally, they need to meet at least 9 times during the the 10 months of classes with a coach to help them meet their goals. 
3. Participants need to establish $150 of their own savings
4. Live in the City of Virginia Beach
5. Only one match per household.

Your coach has the forms to complete for the matched savings when you have met the requirements they can forward the request on for processing. 

We believe that your investment will pay more dividends than this small match but this should be a nice incentive to get things started.