New Bank On Classes Begin September

Bank On Virginia Beach participants know the value that Bank On and the Mayor's Action Challenge can have. Month by month they have been building their financial plan and breaking the cycle of living payday to payday.

Now YOU can get the same valuable classes and individualized coaching by enrolling in Bank On Virginia Beach.  In September, there will be three alternatives to choose from.  You select the schedule that works best for you.  Best of all the entire program is free!

Thanks to volunteers who instruct, coach and host Bank On classes we are able to make this entire program available for free!  Because of their commitment to strengthening each person who is willing to take time to invest in themselves people are reaching their goals:

  • Growing income opportunity
  • Increasing savings
  • Reducing debt
  • Boost your credit score
  • Build and protect your assets for future

SIGN UP TODAY!  Just click on this link to enroll online or call our Financial Empowerment Office to sign up at 757-385-3551.

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