Another snow day, another day to review your bank statement.

     March has brought with it storms and snow days; also known as a good time to reconcile your checkbook.  The fact remains that banks give you 60 days to find and report errors so best to get to it. 
     Before you reconcile your accounts, it’s important to be sure that you’ve made all necessary adjustments. When you make adjustments to your checkbook, you identify and correct any items that may not have been properly entered. You also make adjustments to reflect income or payments, bank fees, and credit-card charges.
     You are your best advocate and often the only person looking out for you when reconciling your accounts.  Let this fact motivate you and your family because personal finance is family finance.  It is ok to have your children begin to understand your families' finances;  feel free to have them double check the math!  My kids like to use the calculator to count the change in their piggy banks or do their math homework.  We often listen to music, drink tea and eat cookies.  Mostly we discuss ways we can save money and where we want to go on vacation.  Having rituals and focusing on savings and our goals makes the process a little easier.  What rituals do you have when reconciling your accounts?

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