Reporting Abuse

When someone has gotten the better of you every instinct in you wants to see justice.  They have been unfair and wronged you, but who can stand up to the bad players in our financial lives? 

Financial Empowerment programs like Bank On Virginia Beach help you to know your options and to stay informed as resources become available to you. 

Just this week, the Consumer Financial Protections Bureau has issued a notice that they will accept complaints against  financial services like prepaid cards and additional non bank products such as credit repair services, pawn, title loans and payday lenders.  Historically these businesses operated under the rules of each state they do business in, but with the growth in this industry, CFPB is now taking forceful actions to protect consumers.  If you have done business with one of these providers and found them to be less than forthright in dealing with you, you now have a forum to submit a complaint and be heard.  To file a complaint visit:

Other agencies hear different types of complaints.

Banks: Has your bank not done right by you?  FDIC would like to hear about it:

Credit Unions: The Federal Reserve takes complaints on both Banks and Credit Unions:

Scammers calling you?  If you have registered your phone number with Do Not Call Registry and are still receiving solicitation calls you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission:

 Now you can engage a champion on the side of the consumer to help you resolve your beef with the financial bullies of the world.  Have you registered a complaint and had successful resolution?  Write and tell us about it.

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