Financial Assessment - Beginning of our Financial Makeover

Bank On Virginia Beach is challenging every person to make 2015 be your year for a great financial makeover.  The start of any makeover whether it relates to eating, exercise, health or wealth begins by doing an assessment of your current condition.  Bank On provides their participants an assessment of income, assets and liabilities.  Participants are gathering all the information together to ascertain your starting point so that you can demonstrate your success along the way.
The financial assessment includes getting a copy of your Annual Credit Report.  This is the free report you can obtain from any one of the three credit bureaus.  Start by getting your report from one bureau and then we will look at your progress later in the program when we pull another midway and then again at the end.  The location to find your free annual credit report is  By reviewing this report, we have a good list of our current liabilities.

We also obtain our credit scores for free by signing up for either or  These are not the same as a FICO score, but are good approximations.  Our credit score is our financial resume to the world proclaiming whether we can be trusted in meeting our obligations.  

To get your copy of a financial assessment download your copy of the Financial Empowerment Passport from this blog and turn to page 12 and 13.  With the assessment completed you are on your way to seeing your condition change in 2015.  Please share with us your experiences as you get started on your financial makeover here.  

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