Setting Direction for Your Financial Makeover.

In January, Bank On started another group of individuals on their way to their own personal financial makeover.  Getting a fresh financial start begins with establishing a direction for yourself by outlining goals you would like to accomplish.  Goals do not necessarily have to be financial, but most every goal we have in life touches our finances.   If we want a better work environment, we want our children to pursue an education, we want to enjoy a vacation or to give to our grandchildren quality memories.  Virtually everything we do touches our financial decisions.

Day by day we make choices about our future by determining how much we will set aside, how much we spend on today's uses and how much we earmark for paying off the purchases we made in days past.  Every day we are determining future success by what we say yes or no to.

Financial Planning begins with determining the direction for your future.  Our first Bank On classes challenged participants to outline their goals for the future by writing them down.  On the My Future worksheet (you can find your copy under the Resources tab of this blog), we establish what we would like our financial life to look like by the end of this year.  We may also have some longer term goals, but it helps to write them down.

Bank On participants also joined Virginia Saves by establishing savings goals for themselves.  These goals outlined what you are saving for, how much and how long.  Virginia Saves will be sharing some great savings strategies on their Facebook page throughout this month, we encourage you to follow both Bank On Virginia Beach and Virginia Saves on Facebook and Twitter.

Tell us here, what your goals are.  What does the future hold for you if you are successful in your makeover?  Writing them down is key!  Start today!

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