Passport Worksheets

FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT PASSPORT - Your workbook as you complete the financial challenge  PDF  EXCEL (zipped) 

COACHING LOG  Your tool for capturing your coaching appointments.  Particularly helpful for those using the Excel version of the Passport.

BANK RECONCILIATION:  Reconcile your records each month when you receive your statement.

MY FUTURE:  Create a vision for your future to keep you focused and motivated through the year.

FINANCIAL ASSESSMENT: Measure where you are on your financial journey.

SMART GOALS:  Smart goals turn your wishes into reality.  By identifying not only what you want, but when, how much and how you plan to achieve your goal keeps you on target.  This worksheet is a great posting for your refrigerator to keep you focused on what is important to you.

WHEN ARE BILLS DUE:  Tracker for planning monthly bill payments

FINANCIAL RECORDS ORGANIZER:  Be prepared in an emergency with all the records you need.  Put these in a grab and go storage for easy transport!

SPENDING DIARY:  Tracking your expenses is an important part of gaining financial control.  Tracking allows you to identify spending leaks in your budget that keep you from reaching your financial goals.  Knowing where your money goes, helps you to make a better plan for future spending.

CATEGORY SPENDING: Track monthly expenses by category each week of the month.

PERIODIC EXPENSE PLANNER: Beat the budget busters by making a plan for the occasional expenses that throw our plans off track. By estimating their costs and breaking them into monthly savings, you can prepare in advance and establish your own Saving Club!

BUDGET FOR A YEAR:  Compare your month over month spending to forecast your budgeting needs for the future.  Also try our interactive excel version

BUDGET VS ACTUAL SPENDING:  Are you on track?  Use this tool to find out.

FINANCIAL DECISION TREE:  What can I control and what is not controllable.  Use this tool to begin identifying areas to tweak your budget.

PERCENTAGE BUDGET COMPARISON:  Use this tool to identify which budget categories need adjustment.

MONTHLY BUDGET FORM:  Compare your actual spending with your target each month using this sheet.  Column to note adjustments that need to be made either to spending or to budget.

SPENDING PLAN:  Tell your money where to go and not the other way around!  Developing a spending plan is a great way to establish direction for your spending to ensure that all your needs are met and even some of the wants as well.

CREDIT REPAIRHelp Yourself  Guide from FTC

GUIDELINE BUDGET:  What is normal?  Everyone has their own normal, but knowing what national averages for spending in various categories is can help you determine if your plan is "on track" or needs adjustment.  These are just guidelines and not rules, but a great reference tool.

WEBSITES:  Get one free report from each of the credit reporting agencies Removes you from solicitation calls.  Must be updated every 5 years.  Reduce the calls and the potential for someone to get your personal financial information.  Removes you from solicitaions from credit cards and other pre-approved offers. Measure your credit score at the beginning and end of your challenge to see if you have improved!  Also a great tool to monitor your score for identity theft.

Financial Empowerment Website:  Virginia Beach's resource for building greater financial control

PowerPay:  An interactive website to help you accelerate your debt and begin to power save!

Identity theft resources:

Taking Charge: What To Do if Your Identity is Stolen(PDF 1MB) from FTC

Estate Planning  

Free Advanced Medical Directive