Education w/o Student Loan Hangover

Whether you are planning to attend college in the future or are working through how to repay student loan debt, this free workshop is for you. 

MAY 5th 6:30 - 8:00 pm
TCC Virginia Beach Joint Use Library

Education Planning:
Get information you need about paying for college most effectively and learn about free resources to help you plan for the right career path to get you started.

Out of School:
find out about repayment options, deferrals, forgiveness programs and more.

Speaker, Lauren Jones from the Education Opportunity Center will provide trusted information and advice on how to pay for education and overcome existing student loan debt.  The Education Opportunity Center operated by Virginia Tidewater Consortium exists to help individuals get the education and certifications needed to compete in today's market and navigate the education payment options. 

To register for this free workshop: RSVP to or call 757-385-3551.

Small Business Workshop

Entrepreneurship is one of the things that makes America truly great.  There is opportunity for everyone to bring their idea to market and build their own enterprise.

If you are building a small business and want to see it thrive, attend the small business workshop being offered at the Focuss Group.

Learn how to choose the proper business type for your small business. Protect your personal assets and minimize your tax implications. 
Date: April 28th 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Host: The Focuss Group 4176 S. Plaza Trail
RSVP: 757-631-1100