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Bank On Hampton Roads is truly a unique experience.  Like a wellness plan for your finances, Bank On Hampton Roads offers all the education, support and encouragement you need to launch your financial plans.  In this 10 month program, participants are encouraged to take the financial challenge to:
  • Increase Income
  • Grow Savings
  • Reduce Debt
  • Build Credit Score
  • Protect Assets
The way Bank On works is you attend one class per month and meet with a personal financial coach once per month.  In class you will learn some of the strategies for overcoming paycheck to paycheck living and speedy ways to reduce debt and see your savings grow.  As you meet with your financial coach, you will build a financial plan centered on your goals and your dreams.  With the combination of knowledge and improved financial management techniques, you can see your dreams become reality!

Bank On is one of over 70 programs across the United States organized to improve your financial opportunities by building relationships with trusted financial partners and empowering you to take greater financial control.

Classes begin in January, April and September and the program is absolutely free to the participant.

2017 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

Thank You to Our Partners

Bank On Hampton Roads thrives because of the partnerships that have been developed.
Municipalities:  The strength of Bank On Hampton Roads centers on the leadership within the municipalities to coordinate the activities and services made available to participants.  Municipalities are uniquely positioned to endorse trusted programs and to increase community awareness.  Virginia Beach began the leadership by issuing a Mayor’s Action Challenge for Financial Fitness.  As Bank On has expanded to other cities, each is planning on issuing a challenge for financial health as well.

Financial Institutions:  Financial Institutions play a vital role in Bank On Hampton Roads.  Not only do they offer low-cost financial products to expand access to at-risk populations, they also provide coaching on-site to allow participants to develop solid relationships with a financial provider working in their best interest.

Educational Organizations:  Educational organizations like Virginia Cooperative Extension (see their VCE Publications) provide volunteer training and support.  Organizations like NCUA, FDIC and Virginia Cooperative Extension provided source material for the Bank On curriculum used and are active in expanding education to at-risk populations.  Libraries are often centered within the community providing easy access to classes and provide locations for Bank On volunteer coaches.

Non-Profits and Faith Community:  Non-profits and faith communities are often uniquely positioned as delivery points for Bank On classes.  As a neighborhood connector, non-profits and faith communities can reach out to populations otherwise not served by traditional financial institutions and welcome them at locations that are familiar and organized for building personal wellness.

Volunteers:   The network of volunteers that serve Bank On is continually growing.  Bank On Hampton Roads recognizes financial certifications such as: Certified Financial Planner(tm), Certified Public Accountant, Banking certifications, Accredited Financial Coach, Credit and Housing Counselors and Master Financial Educator Volunteers.  This volunteer network allows Bank On to support participants individually with a coach as they complete the actions needed for establishing a financial plan. 

Like-minded campaigns and web-based resources:  Programs such as America/Virginia Saves, Save Your Refund, PowerPay, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, and LifeCents allow Bank On to connect participants to ongoing financial supports that will allow them to gain even more knowledge, encouragement and support as they grow their savings and reduce their debt.

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