Matched Savings

Matched Savings Program partners with Bank On Hampton Roads to offer a match of $150 when a participant establishes at least $150 of their own personal savings in a savings account.  This incentive provides support to participants in financial stress and helps them to establish savings to avoid predatory lending products.  
Together with your help we can raise the funding to empower a family to create lasting financial change by equipping them with information, resources and incentives to establish long term financial stability.
Our goal is to provide a matching savings fund of  $150 per family and develop supportive services to eradicate dependence on alternative lending sources and to equip participants for financial success. 
By adopting a family or a group of families each organization will help to establish an alternative to the debt cycle that can charge as much as 400% interest and leave families without hope of achieving any self sufficiency.

The Matched Savings Fund has distributed more than $10,000 to help grow financial capability of citizens throughout the Hampton Roads Area and hopes to continue offering hope and encouragement to families in need.

To apply for Matched Savings Program:

Application for Matched Savings - Matched Savings Request

Incentive Match Eligibility Requirements  Flyer of Requirements

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