COVID-19 Stimulus Payments Information

Economic Impact Payment Amount

·         Up to $1,200 for individuals or $2,400 for married couples. Parents also receive $500 for each qualifying child.


·         Is based on Adjusted gross income (AGI). This information can be found on line 7 of your Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 1040.
·         AGI Up to $75,000 for individuals and up to $150,000 for married couples filing joint returns will receive the full payment.
·         For filers with income above those amounts, the payment amount is reduced by $5 for each $100 above the $75,000/$150,000 thresholds.
·         Single filers with income exceeding $99,000 and $198,000 for joint filers with no children are not eligible.

Receiving Payments

·         Eligible taxpayers who filed tax returns for either 2019 or 2018 will automatically receive an economic impact payment via direct deposit. Social Security beneficiaries who typically do not file a tax return will automatically get the payment.
o   Rebates are technically tax credits that are based on the Adjusted Gross Income amount in the 2019 tax return, if filed, or 2018 if not. If a return hasn’t been filed in 2018 or 2019, no payment will be issued, unless you already receive social security benefits.
o   No minimum income or tax payments are required to receive the rebate payment, so all households need to consider filing a return if they haven’t.
o   No payments will be made to individuals (including children) without a valid social security number on file at the IRS.
·         No application is required, and payments will be made automatically by the IRS based on the information in your tax return. The Treasury has said the payments will be made within three weeks - but that will likely be direct deposits to household bank accounts when the IRS has a record of the account. Other payments are to be made by check or debit card issuance and will likely take longer.
·         However, if you have not filed taxes in 2018 or 2019, it is recommended that you free file taxes through the IRS Free File program to ensure eligibility.  
·         Additionally, the IRS will soon provide information instructing people on how to file a 2019 tax return with simple information:  filing status, number of dependents and bank account information.
·         If you do not have a bank account, the IRS will mail your check to your address on your tax return.
·         These economic impact payments will be available throughout the rest of 2020.
·         The deadline to file 2019 taxes has been extended to July 15th.

City of Virginia Beach Resources for Utility Bills

Community Resources for Payment Assistance

​​The following resources are available to Virginia Beach residents in need of assistance paying a utility bill. You may also dial 2-1-1 for free information on available community services. When you dial 2-1-1, a trained professional will listen to your situation and suggest resources.
Water Assistance Program- 385-6700
The Water Assistance Program is provided by Virginia Beach Public Utilities to qualifying residents. Residents must meet the income threshold in order to qualify. Eligible residents can receive program assistance at a maximum of $300.00 once per fiscal year for a City Services Bill; and $250.00 for a plumbing repair. For more information, call the number provided.

H2O (Help To Others)- 543-8100
The H2O (Help To Others) program, administered​ by The Salvation Army, offers financial assistance to residents needing help with their City Services or HRSD bill. Residents must be able to demonstrate that a personal or family crisis has inhibited ability to pay utility bills. Eligible residents can receive program assistance one time in any twelve-month period in the amount of $250.00 or the balance due, whichever is less. For more information, call the number provided.​
Church of the Ascension​- 495-1886 Ext. 414
Church of the Holy Family​- 481-3492
Holy Spirit Catholic Church​- 468-3600 Ext. 111​
Human Warmth and Care​- 727-3331
Mission United (Assists Military Only)​- 858-7777
​St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church- 497-8330 Ext. 303
St. John the Apostle Catholic Church​- 426-2180 Ext. 9
Star of the Sea Catholic Church​- 428-3492/428-1244
The Stop Organization​- 858-1360
The Potter's House​- 428-7727

City of Virginia Beach Treasurer's Office Offers Deferred payments of Trustee Taxes

​In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the City Treasurer's Office is offering to businesses an option to defer payment of trust taxes without penalties. Trust taxes include taxes on meals, lodging and admissions. "Helping businesses overcome financial hardships during this difficult period is our goal," said City Treasurer V. Leigh Henderson.
The plan requires two steps:
  1. Complete and sign a Payment Plan Request Form, which allows for taxes due during the state of emergency to be paid at a later date (after the conclusion of the state of emergency) and in installments. Businesses will still need to file their gross receipts by the 20th of each month. They may request relief from late filing penalties through the Commissioner of the Revenue if the reporting requirement is hampered by the pandemic.
  2. Once the state of emergency is lifted, the business must contact the City Treasurer's Office within 30 days to make the formal payment plan terms, including start date, payment amount and number of payments. Taxes included in the payment plan will not accrue penalties as long as the payment agreement is honored.
Completed Payment Plan Request Forms can be returned to or faxed to (757) 385-8855. For more information, please click here or call (757) 385-1311.
For the latest information, please visit and follow us on and

How to protect your Virtual Meeting from being Hijacked!

According to Wavy 10 a Zoom class between a local private school teacher and her students was hijacked and inappropriate material was shared with the class.  These types of incidents have appeared recently in many Zoom meeting settings across the country. 

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have sent employees home to telework.  With telework; the meetings that would have typically been in person are now being hosted virtually through platforms such as Zoom.  With the increase in organizations using Zoom and other virtual platforms; The FBI recommends the following to protect your cybersecurity:

  • Do not make meetings or classrooms public
  • Do not share a link to a teleconference or classroom on social media
  • Manage screen sharing options
  • Use the updated version of any remote meeting application — including the newest version of Zoom, which was updated in January
  • Ensure the organization’s telework policy addresses requirements for physical and information security
Victims of teleconference hijacking or other cyber-crimes should report it to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. If you receive a specific threat during a teleconference, report it to the FBI online or at (800) CALL-FBI.

FOOD RESOURCES AS OF 3/27/2020 – They will deliver to vulnerable individuals. They are putting together a food pantry in Norfolk – serve both Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Seeking additional donations and volunteers. Will accept both food and monetary donations.
United Way Coronavirus Assistance Hotline: (757) 858-7777
Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia: currently no distribution site in VB but this may change in the coming weeks.
For individuals over age 60, Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia provided this information:
  • Meals on wheels has a 1-3 month waiting list
  • Any senior over the age of 60 who can’t get out to get food can connect with an options counselor by calling: (757) 461-9481 option 6 to have their name placed on the Emergency Meal program list.
  • The website also mentions socialization through phone contact calls and wellness checks.
Meals on Wheels locator: (see note above re: wait list)

Hampton Roads Free Meals for Kids program: Links to restaurants that provide meals for kids

Urban League of Hampton Roads  (757) 627-0864 –  Will accept referrals for those needing loan modifications, housing issues, workforce development. For food they refer to United Way number above

Mercy Chefs-  Are you struggling to provide  nutritious meals on a budget: The meals look delicious!
Choose from four weeks of dinner recipes to keep your weekly dinner budget at $1.40 per serving . Our professional chefs have applied their knowledge and skills to prepare four-serving recipes that are kid-friendly and nutritious on this strict budget.

City of Virginia Beach Department of Human Services to Begin Modified operations protocol

The Department of Human Services will begin operating under modified conditions on Monday, March 30 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our buildings will be closed to the public, however the Department will continue to serve the needs of our community.
Please click here for full details.

Please stay safe!

Your Guide to Internet Service During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Below is a link that has internet providers that are providing free internet services for the next 60 days if you meet the criteria.

If  you already have internet service contact your current provider and see if they can offer any discounts during this time.

Now is also a good time to look at other companies you have service or contracts with and contact them to see if you can lower any of your other expenses.  This is a perfect opportunity to beef up your rainy day funds!