Our Bank On graduates tell the story best.  Check out these testimonials.

Audrey Williams encourages everyone to take a chance to learn something new with Bank On.

Eva Williams attended Bank On with her adult daughters.

Sandra Gale encourages everyone wanting a better financial life to sign up for Bank On.

Kaylah Baker young single mother purchases her first time home.

Jennifer Timmons tackles financial issues associated with caregiving.
Sandra Newton tells her story of adjusting to changing finances after retirement.

Gail Bridges breaks her shopping habits to grow savings

Sheri Reddick encourages people to not settle for less. Commit to a better life.

Cindy Alexander overcame her financial fears with Bank On Hampton Roads

Vicki O'Rourke learned that a budget can bring tremendous financial security.

Tami Bacon getting debt free and building a financial plan for her future.

Dentrell and Jaedda Hall

Chester and Linda Holliman are married with grown children. Their hope is to create a legacy of good financial habits and building financial security for generations to come.

Antwain Johnson is a young man on a mission to grow financial opportunities and make wise choices from the very start.

Ina Thomas is semi retired and looking to eliminate debt and grow savings to ensure her security for the future.

Tina and David Taylor share the challenges of self-employment and how they have developed a plan to break the debt cycle they were in.

Beth Richardson: Got the support she needed to be proactive in having financial discussions with her husband and establishing boundaries for helping her grown children with the help of Bank On.

Nadine Bilowas after divorce, Nadine got the help she needed to build a stronger financial plan for the unexpected with the help of Bank On.

Nedra Smith is a single mom who is looking to build a stronger future for herself and for her daughter.  See how Bank On helped her to organize.

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